Ultra Pet Tags

Not cute ... just very, very strong!                                                Spring / Summer 2022

World's Toughest ID Tag for Dogs


Ultra Pet Tag (UPT) is a super-durable ID tag for high-energy dogs which must retain their collar tag at all times. Is it the world's toughest pet tag? I believe it is. And having now sold more than 200 (at March 2022), and with 50 x 5-star reviews for these tags, our customers would appear to agree.


OK, what makes it so tough? Pet tags fail because either the split rings (commonly used for pet tags) stretch out or wear though and the whole tag drops off the collar. Or, the tag wears through and leaving behind the split ring behind on the collar. Having seen both these happen, I decided to create a lightweight, over-built, all-metal tag which is attached to the collar by a closed, stainless-steel, solid triangular link. I do not use split-rings on UPTs because, sooner or later, they will fail. When dogs move through undergrowth the tags can get caught and strong dogs will, over time, pull the split rings straight causing them to come off. The solid link cannot, however, be pulled straight even by the strongest dog; its breaking stain is 500kg or half-a-tonne! And its thickness means it is unlikely to wear through during the life of the dog. But it can be removed and re-fitted to a new collar with just a simple tool and fresh threadlock.


The UPT is the ultimate ID tag for high-energy dogs which must retain their ID. Buy your dog a UPT and as well as peace of mind, you will experience better value and less hassle verus an ordinary tag which needs to be replaced every 18 months.

Question. Where can I buy an Ultra Pet Tag?


Ultra Pet Tag - Single-Sided


  • 3.2mm thick, aluminium bar core

  • 1 x stainless text plate glued, bolted, & peened for secure retention

  • 4 lines, 11 characters per line - space for essential information

  • 4mm-thick stainless steel triangular (delta) quick-link. hex screw nut secured with threadlock (included)

  • delta link can be attached to metal D ring on collar, or, width permitting, to the collar itself

  • 30g / 1.06oz total weight

  • can be transferred to a fresh collar with simple tools when old collar wears out

  • free UK delivery




Ultra Pet Tag - Double-Sided


  • as per single-sided UPT plus ....

  • 2 x stainless steel embossed letter plates glued, bolted, and peened for secure retention

  • 2 x 4 lines per plate x 11 characters per line = 88 characters - space for essential plus useful information

  • free UK delivery



Ultra Pet Tag - Double-Side + Extra Link


  • as per double-sided UPT plus ....

  • additional stainless oval quick-link to attach delta link to collar 'D' ring

  • free UK delivery





Answer. From the T.M.D shop on Etsy